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Design Manifesto:

The future of design, and my design, is intentional and optimistic. Designs that are thought-provoking, creative, aesthetic. Spaces that are pleasing to be in. To experience them is to smile, or question, observe, interact with – to experience them is to feel something. Designs that are both challenging and inviting. They tell a story. Honoring where we have been, and imagining where we are headed. Questioning the way things are. Innovative. A breath of fresh air. Designs that are made for the human body. They form around and encourage every curve of every body. Pieces of furniture that feel personal and familiar to the physical form of a person. Intentional in incorporating natural elements that blur ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.  Inviting and integrating the outside space inside while honoring our responsibility to take care of our natural world. Built to last and age with grace, adding beauty with each use, while also being recyclable – not too self-indulgent to understand its own disposability. Nourishing the environment as it degrades rather than harming. Designs that are as accessible as they are environmentally friendly. Not reserved for the wealthy, but spaces that are abundantly available. Not only do they not discriminate, but they are inclusive of stories of all races, ethnicities, genders, socio-economic backgrounds. Facilitating human connection. A place to live, a place to be human and be together, understand one another. Happy places. A simplicity that feels effortless, masking the thoughtfulness that went into every decision. My design and the future of design is thoughtful. My design and the future of design is optimistic.
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