The Bartender

I had the pleasure of working as a production designer on the graduate thesis film, The Bartender. The film has gone onto be in 10 independent festivals around the country. We scored an incredible location, which let us focus on creating spaces that best told the story of a woman stuck in a 'Me Too' moment.

Burkin County

Burkin County is a modern 'boys on bikes' story with retro elements. We created abandoned cabins, mysterious monsters, and blue mushrooms.

All Call

I had a few roles on to set of this graduate thesis film set in the 1950s, but my role in the Art Department aligned with the roles of an on-set art director and set dresser. I learned a lot about continuity and making these spaces retro.

Character Workshop: Audrey Hepburn's Bedroom

A room created in SketchUp to be representative of what Audrey Hepburn's bedroom might have looked like.